Laundry for assisted living and care facilities

    • Bed sheets, pillowcases
    • Patient linens
    • Bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, bath mats
    • Medical uniforms, nursing uniforms, employee uniforms
    • Hospital scrubs
    It's a clean decision.

    Professional laundry services

    Kalispel Linen Services understands that the health and dignity of your nursing care patients and assisted living tenants is your primary concern. Quality, clean linens can go a long way in addressing those concerns. We are equipped to handle all your laundry needs with attention to cleanliness and quality, whether you run a large volume care facility or a number of smaller, more individualized care units. Our advanced cleaning processes exceed even the strictest standards of cleanliness. Let us provide your residents, and their families, the peace of mind they deserve.
    Advanced cleaning processes
    Strict standards of cleanliness