Hospital linen laundry services

    • Hospital sheets, hospital pillowcases
    • Hospital bed blankets, bath blankets
    • Bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths
    • Nursing uniforms, nursing scrubs
    • Lab coats, hospital scrubs
    • Support staff uniforms
    • Hospital gowns, patient gowns
    • Medical uniforms, doctor scrubs
    • Operating scrubs
    Our linen loss is significantly lower than the 3-5% industry standard.
    We meet or exceed Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council Standards

    Professional laundry service

    When it comes to linen services, no industry is more complex or demanding than healthcare. Hospitals and medical clinics must meet the highest standards of patient care, bio-safety and, as always, cost management. Kalispel Linen Services is uniquely qualified and accredited to help you in all of these areas.
    Patient linen service
    State of the art equipment

    High-quality patient care

    Our hospital linen laundry service ensures your patients get the clean, quality linens they deserve during their most vulnerable times. And the same care goes into cleaning and treatment of hospital scrubs, uniforms and lab coats. We’re ready to be your partner in providing staff with clean, professionally maintained linens and attire that exceed expectations.

    Cost management

    Linen loss costs the healthcare industry an estimated $840 million annually. Kalipel Linen Services uses technology and innovation to significantly improve upon industry loss standards. You get 24/7 access to our online ControlTex® LBS® system, which offers a variety of laundry management tools to monitor your linen inventory and much more.

    Infection prevention

    Kalispel Linen Services works tirelessly to exceed laundry cleanliness standards with patient safety in mind. Our laundry processes ensure that all medical linens and apparel items are subjected to a disinfecting wash that kills all common pathogens for safe reuse.