Restaurant linen laundry services

    • Restaurant tablecloths
    • Restaurant linen napkins
    • Bar towels, kitchen towels
    • Chef uniforms, chef coats
    • Kitchen uniforms
    • Line cook apparel and aprons
    • Grill towels
    • Kitchen aprons, server aprons
    • Employee apparel
    It's a clean decision.

    Professional laundry services

    Cleanliness is fundamental in the food & beverage industry. Ensuring a spotless image is key to customer perception of your restaurant or banquet facility. It’s why many restaurants and lounges choose Kalispel Linen Services for their linen cleaning service. Count on us for crisp linens on your tables, spotless aprons and uniforms on your staff, and clean towels and accessory linens in your bar and kitchen areas. Count on us for all of your laundry needs.
    high-volume equipment
    clean crisp linens